Rolf Lohse Global has four primary research interests all focused on the high-end professional lifestyle: (1) optimized super-food and functional phyto-nutrient systems; (2) brain brightening and performance enhancing tools applicable for both corporate office, military, education, and spa setting, (3) skin care lines including the Iqonic 'Pink' line of medically soothing products supportive for cancer recovery patents.

At Rolf Lohse we see the human body as a beautiful cellular orchestra of complex, constantly working miracles. We want our products and services to communicate with and support this dynamic and amazing cellular system. Few of us understand or appreciate the miracle of this incredible gift. While the rigors of science are always foundational, Rolf Lohse always synergizes this development with improved style and appearance.

Mind Science

ThirdSpace will be an elegant and awe-inspiring, spa-like, 'playground' and 'product-series' dedicated to improving mental performance and brain plasticity More

Skin Science

Most Oncologists are rightfully cautious about allowing their patients to wear makeup, apply skin care products, or even take supplements. More

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