Rolf Lohse's Ten Principles of ‘Intelligent Beauty’

Perfection is only near manifest in the natural balances of form and function. From this rigorous source Rolf Lohse developed the ten principles of Intelligent Beauty.

1. Health: coherent intelligent energy, function, form.

2. Mindfulness: appreciating the value of the present moment. Loving what is.

3. Self-Esteem: confidence, grace, an internal sense of peace and satisfaction.

4. Gratitude: appreciation, compassion.

5. Connection: spirituality, balance, community.

6. Purpose: meaning, commitment.

7. Attitude: perspective, intelligent optimism.

8. Focus: performance, attention.

9. Self-Sufficiency: self-reliance, resiliency; recovery, self-healing.

10. Style and Appearance: appearance, creativity, authenticity.

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