Rolf Lohse is dedicated to innovation, strategic planning, and operational management within the beauty, spa, and health industry. Utilizing our 20-year track record of successful salon and spa development and operations, as well as our network of global partners, Rolf Lohse is dedicated to making the world a better place by following the principles of exceptional product and service quality, sound business practices, modern personnel development, strong ethics, and ecological awareness.

Intelligent Beauty

Advanced business investment models seize and leverage momentum by focusing on three things: (1) sensing market needs before they arise More

Strategic Growth

At the foundation of our expansion plan is our almost reluctant but urgent need to make a difference in the world—at least in our Industry and with the clients we serve. More

Uncompromising Quality

While only Nature reaches true perfection, at Rolf Lohse we do our best to produce healthy, life-affirming products and services. More

International Style

Because life is far too short, and because part of the fun of life is the beauty surrounding us, Rolf Lohse has always been attracted to style, sizzle, and sex appeal. More

Letter from the President

Worldwide, we women are plagued with the unfair demands of maintaining our attractiveness while also managing families, homes, and income. More

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