Stylist into Artist

Rolf Lohse, with the perfect blend of European style and American flair, strives to enhance a person’s natural beauty and characteristics. Having launched himself from the top salons of Germany and the US, he quickly developed Arizona’s premier salon and spa system. Rolf attributes his success to deeply caring about people—finding the beauty and magic in every guest that walks through his door. “It’s not as much about cutting hair. It’s about seeing each person for who they are and where they’ve been. Then we strive together to make it all beautiful,” Rolf states.

As one of the most intense hair design education systems in the country, the Rolf Lohse Academy system takes motivated stylists who have already proven themselves highly-competent in their initial training, and then transforms them into confident and exceptional ‘artists.' “Hair design for our new artists is about defining a person’s personality and features into a beautiful, practical hair style they can work, play, and love life in. Perfect design is about life enhancement—making people feel and look better,” Rolf states.

Rolf carefully selects the very top graduates of both national and international salon schools based on aptitude, attitude, and style. These apprentices then enter our academy system under the direct mentorship of our Master Educators. In addition to our innovative academic and laboratory curriculum, these apprentices gain daily experience and confidence in the salons. Most apprentices ‘test-out’ or graduate within 1 to 2 years.

Rolf's Advanced Academy

Graduate level training for the very best stylists with proven talent during a 1-2 year formalized, paid apprenticeship. More

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